The Old Reptonian Society est. 1901

Welcome to The Old Reptonian Society

We have an active body of supporters who are just as passionate about the School’s future as they are about its past. With various events, regular newsletters, and a full calendar of sporting fixtures, the OR Society is a celebration of our collective membership of one of the most unique private members clubs you will ever be a part.

It provides an easy way to keep in touch with friends, gain careers support and mentoring, and to meet other ORs of all age groups in a variety of ways. 

The Old Reptonian Society, est. 1901, continuosly strives, thanks to your committed and voluntary leadership, to achieve its founding principles:

  • to maintain, promote and facilitate a means of communication and to form a bond between the School and past Reptonians
  • to assist where possible the continuing contact among Old Reptonians
  • to encourage and support all approved Old Reptonian Branches/Clubs/Societies 
  • to maintain the traditions
  • and help promote the interests of the School

No matter where you are in the world, the OR Office is only a tweet, email or telephone call away. Here to share your stories, put you in contact with each other, and support you on your journey. 

We also welcome you back to Repton and would love to be able to show you around your school as it is today. Any time you would like to visit just let us know. 


Society Committee Members         Elected Committee Members

President (2017): Nick Walford (Brook 1969)                           J.M. Guy Levesley (Hall 1975) – Appointed 2009
President Elect (2018): Sir Michael Pownell (Brook 1963)          Edward T Sloane (Priory 1997) - Appointed 2013
President Elect (2019): Susannah Fish (Abbey 1978)                  Tom Poynton (School 2006) - Appointed 2014 
Vice President: Alastair Land – Headmaster                              Lloyd Evans (Orchard 2002) - Appointed 2014
Chairman: Nick Smith (Brook 1969)                                         Andrew Churchill (Priory 1982) - Appointed 2015
Treasurer: John Wallis (Latham 1971)                                      Simon Johnson (Orchard 2004) - Appointed 2016
Governors’ Representative: Matthew Needham (Priory 1980)  Eleanor Tyler (Mitre 2005) - Appointed 2016
Secretary: Nigel Kew (Staff)                                                     John F.M. Walker (Hall 1946; Ex Staff) – Life Mbr
OR Officer: Jan Cobb (Staff)
Foundation Director: Victoria Moon (Ex-Officio)

OR Society Contact Details

The Old Reptonian Society
The Hall, Repton School,
Repton, Derbyshire DE65 6FH
Tel: 01283 559320 

Nigel Kew - Secretary
Jan Cobb - Officer

Tweet @orsociety

E mail: or


OR Society Information 

Society Rules:  click here to download a PDF of the OR Society Rules.

Society Accounts: Use the links below to download a PDF of the corresponding accounts.
2014/2015 | PDF
2013/2014 | PDF