The House is in a true sense every Reptonian’s home in the School – the place where pupils eat, sleep, work and live; where their most enduring relationships with peers and members of staff are born; and a secure, stable base within the busy life of a boarding school.

It is also home to the Housemaster or Housemistress and their family, and under their expert care pupils are encouraged to develop academically, socially and in all aspects of their extracurricular life. Each House has its own resident Matron, on hand 24 hours a day to care for the pupils’ welfare and practical needs, with the support of the School’s Medical Centre. The team is further strengthened by a team of tutors, who take an active interest in all that the pupils undertake, individually or as a community.

This cohesive, family environment is fostered by the traditional system of in-house dining, which means that the House community meets together three times a day, providing a chance to chat about the latest events, relax with their friends and for staff to keep abreast of any concerns a pupil might have. Each House has its own dining room and its own chef, who can therefore deal with specific dietary requests and keep the whole house well-fed and happy.

There are ten Houses – six for boys and four for girls, each home to approximately 60 pupils, and day pupils are fully integrated with the boarders

Some Houses possess beautiful Victorian architectural features, others are much more modern in design, but a rolling programme of investment ensures that boarding facilities are constantly being improved and updated. Accommodation varies slightly but in all houses Reptonians progress from the fun of a shared room for the younger pupils to enjoying greater privacy as seniors, and all have access to a choice of Common Rooms, with comfortable sofas and the School network in their studies and bedsits.

The essence of House life, though, is its inclusive nature: pupils of all ages, boarders and day pupils alike are thoroughly involved in the community, be that competitions, House plays or fundraising events. Reptonians develop in an environment that is friendly, stimulating, sociable but structured, and they respond enthusiastically to this opportunity.