A Vision for the Future

Repton has a proud history and few schools can match its longevity and reputation. The School was founded in 1557 by a legacy from Sir John Port, a caring man who appreciated the importance of education and learning; a man of privilege who understood that the strengths and wealth of any community or society are founded in knowledge. Sir John Port recognised that both the hope and future of society are always in the hands of the young.  His legacy has been at the core of the growth and development of Repton, and whilst much has changed in our society in that time the simplest tenets of his legacy have not. Education is still the bedrock on which our society is built.

In December 1997 the Governors of Repton, established, as a separate charity (Registered No 1067418) the Repton Foundation to provide both Repton and Foremarke with an enduring Endowment which will secure their future and allow them to concentrate on the principal task of delivering educational excellence. The Foundation also assists both schools to develop educational, sporting, art, drama and music facilities in maintaining the pursuit of all round excellence.

The Foundation is more than just a means of raising funds. It is a commitment to the very ethos of the Schools and the acceptance of a responsibility to the community for education. The Trustees also firmly believe that the Foundation aims to act as a catalyst to re-establish past friendships and to renew contacts with the schools. This in turn fits into the theme of 'renewal' which is at the heart of the Foundation's philosophy.

If Repton and Foremarke have depended on benefactors such as Sir John Port in the past, the needs of the present are just as great. Fee income alone can not fund the many necessary resources in order to meet the challenges of the new millennium. Over the years both Repton and Foremarke have benefited from the generosity of Old Reptonians, parents, and friends. Too often the new facilities and improvements have had to wait on the availability of funds. To provide a fine education in the 21st century and beyond is more expensive than ever.