Scholarships & Bursaries


A range of Scholarships and Exhibitions are available to Repton School including Academic, Music, DT, Art, Drama, Sport, all-rounder (Year 7 only) and Sixth Form awards. These can result in your child earning the title of either Scholar or Exhibitioner throughout their time at Repton, both being major achievements and ones of which both parents and child should be very proud.

The value of a Scholarship may vary from an honorary (or titular) award up to the maximum value of 20% remission of the Repton fee. It is the School’s usual policy to limit the value of awards to 20% and should your child sit for more than one type of scholarship and is successful in more than one then the combined value of all awards will not exceed 20%, although they will be entitled to the full prestige of all the awards won.

For more information on Scholarships available please see the 13+ Scholarships, Sixth Form Scholarships and C B Fry Awards pages in this section.


Bursaries may be available to those who, on grounds of hardship, would not otherwise be able to go to an independent school. For more details please see our Bursaries page in this section.